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Why 3d printing coral reefs is both a smart business and planetary decision

It’s all over the news: our planet’s vital coral reefs are in dire condition. Over a billion people rely on the reefs for their livelihoods, not to mention the critical protection they provide vulnerable coastal areas, protecting billions of dollars in property. 

Reefs are the most biodiverse places on earth, excelling rainforests in the number of species dependent on this ecosystem. Madco3d has been working with leading marine biologists for years in developing sustainable 3d printed concrete reef replacements and techniques to help rapidly replenish the reefs with hardier species.

The reefs are valued in human terms in billions or even trillions of dollars–depending on who you ask. To us at Madco3d, they’re priceless. But we are trying to use tech for good in a way that dovetails into the world business model. See our StartEngine page for more info!

For the oceans,

The Madco3d Team

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Architizer A+ Award Finalists!

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