See the Architizer+ Award-Winning High-Rise with 3d-printed Madco3d Concrete Features!

We operate out of a historic mill in New Hampshire, built in 1880.

An example of 3d-printed homes designed by our president, architect Adam Kushner. These designs allows us to use two types of 3d-printed concrete technology.

We are 3d-printing portions of the first high-rise in New York City with 3d-printed concrete features.  

Our sand-deposition 3d concrete printer, maximum print bed size 9.5′ x 20′.

Example of a 3d file we use to print using the sand deposition printer. Art designed by Monad Studios.

Our team 3d-printing that 4′ x 6′ sculpture in 6mm layers. The total print time was 5 1/2 hours.

The resulting sculptures were exhibited at the Venice Biennale, 2021.

A closeup showing the delicate forms we can achieve in 3d-printed concrete using the

sand-deposition method.

Our second technology, with which we extrude 3d-printed concrete with a TAM (Twente Additive Manufacturing) system. Pictured is Adam Kushner.

The TAM mobile 3d concrete printer being used on-site to print specialized walls and housing.

Example of a 4′ wall tool path and print visualization. The robot is programmed to follow the tool path, layer by layer.

The resulting wall with integrated post-and-beam construction and thermal-bridging designs.

A view of a partially printed wall section with special features, showing the variety of designs this approach can achieve.

 Simulation of house section including robot within software system; and the resulting print.

Example of preprinted concrete elements being assembled on-site. Pictured is the famed Fibonacci House, the first 3d-printed house in Canada, by TAM.

 External view of the Fibonacci House (340 sf) on the upper left; the rapid-printed Keiko House (also by TAM) on the right.

Examples of 3d-printed coral elements, created using our sand deposition system.

The dire coral situation occurring around the world.

Some of the many benefits of coral reefs to humanity.

How we 3d-print coral modules in our 3d sand printer.