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Cool tech creates beautiful, greener, faster custom homes. Whether you choose from our existing home designs featured below or would like our team to create a custom designed home for you, living in a 3d-printed home adds layers of comfort and pleasure to your life.

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  1. Austin I: From its elegant swooping roof to its clean lines, natural wood accents, open plan and serene glass facade and forward thinking chimney, Austin 1 offers a sleek and sustainable lifestyle in a compact package.
  1. Canopy House: Echoing the forms and serenity of living in a forest, the Canopy House uses tree-inspired structural columns, a tree-canopy inspired roof and forms that echo nature’s best work. A calm and tranquil home, the Canopy House is not only sustainable, quiet and fire-resistant, but at a pricepoint and accelerated construction timetable to get you in your Canopy zone sooner!
  1. Fibonacci House: The famed Fibonacci Sequence, a mathematical formula that yielded the Golden ratio, worldwide theories about nature, beauty and patterns, is reflected in this gorgeous structure designed by our partners at Twente Additive Manufacturing. You need to experience the Fibonacci to really understand how cool it feels.
  1. The Sakura: A more elaborate version of the Fibonacci House, the Sakura takes the best of the Fibonacci’s design appeal and offers more living space, airiness and charm under the same evocative roof
  1. The Keiko: Utilizing maximum robotic efficiency and nearing net-zero energy efficiency, the Keiko can be printed in as few as 2 days. Great for cozy tiny home lovers, for ADU’s, minimalism-minded folks, or can be joined into duplexes and more! Green, fast and simple. Outer walls can be customized with artistic patterns to taste.

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