Save the Coral Reefs

Save Ourselves

How we save the Reefs

  Coral is one of the earth’s oldest living species—over 500 million years old.

  Coral serves as coastline-protecting wave breakers, reducing flooding.

  Over 1 billion people rely on the reefs for food and income; it’s valued at $29 billion annually worldwide in value.

  The reefs have the most biodiversity of any zone on earth.

  They are gorgeous and mysterious, a favorite place to visit for many tourists.

  They are a source of antiviral and anti-cancer medicines.

  And yet, humans destroy them: warming oceans cause bleaching events and die-offs due to acidification from excess CO2, damage by tourists and ships, and fishermen using dynamite and cyanide to fish add to the problem.

How we save the Reefs

  Work with leading marine biologists specializing in coral restoration.

  Repopulate the reefs by marrying hardier coral species with our 3d-printed coral modules.

We 3d-print coral replacement modules, using only sand & our natural binding chemistry.

We can print on site using local sand and matching ocean floor topography and local species morphology.

Cure time reached within 24 hours.