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The Revolution is Printed: Thanks for Joining us

It’s official–225 investors have joined the Madco3d StartEngine raise, and there’s a reason for that. A reason that nearly 1/4 of a million dollars has been invested in our tech innovations for 3d printed homes, reefs and other applications.

It’s simple, for a complicated topic. Folks recognize that Madco3d is making not only positive change in the world–but we make financial and business sense. Using technology at scale to provide more beautiful, affordable and energy-efficient homes for people faster than traditional methods is logic and growth incarnate.

Whether you’re attracted to the speed and accuracy of our robotic printer…its minimal waste of materials. Or its intelligent application of modular elements and energy conservation; the easy addition of solar panels.

So thank you to the first 225 believers and visionaries in what we are doing, what we stand for, and what we can achieve as our new tech and innovations continue to roll out.

Keep watching as we create neighborhoods with American-made 3d-printable concrete, all from a mill space built in 1880 near the Cocheco River in Rochester, NH. Watch us grow, thanks for helping us grow in our impact and profitability. And for joining us as we make our mark in the marketplace.

3-dimensionally yours,

The Madco3d Team

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