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Robots and drones: a match made in heaven

We asked AI to show us what robots and drones looked like working together to construct multistory commercial buildings., This is what we got:

Close, in sprit at least! But in reality, our  Flashcrete™ robotic/neural network powered system (patent pending) is designed more like this. Robots and drones working together in wedded AI bliss: 

The FlashCrete™ system is our unique 3d concrete technology–strategically targeting large scale, code-compliant commercial construction. It accommodates rebar, fiber reinforced concrete, and can be implemented on virtually any already designed and permitted commercial concrete project. This means profitability and rapid growth!

We feel the concrete subcontractor and self-performing general contractor market will want this technology as well as a wide array of other markets and clients. 

So when you invest in Madco3d, you’re not just investing in our current dual 3d-printed concrete technologies–robotic extrusion and sand deposition. You’re investing in advanced construction technology of the future.  

3-dimensionally yours,

The Madco Team

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Architizer A+ Award Finalists!

Vote for Kushner Studios' project

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