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Over a million viewers can’t be wrong

Over a million of anything is generally notable (for most people, a pile of greenbacks), but in this case over one million, fifty thousand plays of our video depicting some of the magic of 3d printing concrete did the trick. 

Sika’s legendary Noah Callantine does a trowel test on the specially formulated 3d printable concrete we print with, generating well over one million plays on social media.

And the way things are going, sure seems that Madco3d is on the brink of capturing many followers. More imaginations, more contracts. With over 250 investors here on StartEngine and about $250k invested, we’re pretty bullish about our future. 

Inquiries, projects, attention is pouring in from around the country and from as far as Greece, as close as our own backyard. So join the 3d printing construction revolution with Madco3d. Invest today on StartEngine:

Parametrically yours,

The Madco3d team

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Architizer A+ Award Finalists!

Vote for Kushner Studios' project

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