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Madco “so innovative and so exciting” – US Senator

It’s a big event when a tech company like us is visited by influential folks from Washington, DC. From having our facility checked out by the Secret Service the day before the event (no one was frisked that we noticed) to planning the details of the visit and media, it was a whirlwind. And an honor.

We were asked to have a live 3d robotic print running when Senator Hassan, her team, and SBA Administrator Isabel Guzman arrived. Our team was at it before 7 a.m. so that when 9:30 a.m. rolled around, Senator Shaheen, Administrator Guzman et al could see our robot in action. A structural wall complete with electric receptacles, conduit for both low and high voltage were installed live during the print.

Comments included:

“With our housing crisis in New Hampshire, this is a way to address it,” Shaheen said.

Shaheen said the technology has a lot of potential in different areas.

“We’re really excited to watch what happens here in Rochester to see how they work with the city and get this development done,” she said. “They’re also doing (concrete) that can be used to restore coral reefs. It’s so innovative and so exciting to have it happening here in New Hampshire.”

“We’re seeing over $1.5 billion in infrastructure investments here in New Hampshire, as well as private investments in the hundreds of millions coming into this state to make sure that we’re building the manufacturing of the future, the innovation R&D of the future, so this is an exciting time,” Guzman said.

3d printed wall created during Senator’s visit, incorporates electrical receptacles and conduits installed while wall module printed.

Media feedback included more press, a shoutout by New Hampshire Public Radio, and more. 

The excitement is real. Join us–invest now in Madco3d and the future of construction and coral reef restoration.

3-dimensionally yours,

The Madco3d Team

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