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Eric Schmidt, (Alphabet/Google) called it

In a 2016 Fortune magazine article, “The 6 Most Important Tech Trends, According to Eric Schmidt”, Schmidt laid out six game-changing technologies that he says will improve important parts of society.

His Number 2 choice was: 3D printing for buildings: “Constructing buildings, both residential and commercial, is time consuming, energy intensive, and costly, Schmidt points out. But 3D printing technology, spurred by the latest in computing and software, can create buildings that are lower cost, quicker to build, and better for the environment.”

Schmidt was right. It’s happening now and you can be part of this high-impact technology by investing in Madco3d here on StartEngine. 

Eric Schmidt

We are part of the future he predicted since our inception in 2018, and our founders began in this field back before Schmidt nailed it in that Fortune article. Our work in housing design and performance; in material science with institutions like UNH and companies like Sika; our innovations in coral reef and coastline protection and regeneration; and AI/neural network construction robots on the horizon place us squarely in Schmidt’s postulation. 

Help us revolutionize construction with sustainable, robotic 3D printing technology. Imagine buildings constructed with precision, minimal waste and remarkable durability, all while reducing our carbon footprint. 

This is more than an investment; it’s an opportunity to change the face of construction and improve the planet’s health. 

3-dimensionally yours,

The Madco3d Team

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