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5 tons of 3d printed concrete

It was a bitterly cold and windy morning here in Rochester, NH, when Madco3d’s Adam Kushner checked the 10,000 lbs. of 3d-printed pieces loaded into the 26′ truck he’s currently steering toward the Gowanus section of Brooklyn.

Yes, the intricate and daring designs began as digital creations, carefully vetted and tweaked until the Madco3d team felt it was ready to be made real. The plan looked something like this:

Now those prints are secured carefully to pallets, soon to be unveiled in Brooklyn. We’ll be posting pics and video when that day comes. Below is partner Steve Bernard testing the print prior to adding rebar, packing and shipping:

We’re excited to change the face of New York City with 3d-printed concrete. Join this exciting process of flipping the way things are built–faster, cooler, greener, using robots and human ingenuity.  Invest in Madco3d :

3-dimensionally yours,

The Madco3d Team

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Architizer A+ Award Finalists!

Vote for Kushner Studios' project

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