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$113,000+ votes of confidence in 3d printed concrete and coral reefs

Hey all–

We’re pretty proud to announce just before the holiday, our StartEngine raise has received over $113,000 of solid, concrete support from savvy investors. (Sorry for the dad joke.)

That’s amount is about this much for those who like visuals:

Our current StartEngine investors saw how we tackle huge problems and huge markets at the same time: a massive housing crisis; an ocean crisis needing tech to step in–and made their statement about the validity and belief in the future success of our company.

3d printed sustainable Madco3d hybridhouses™ near a coral reef (digital rendering of homes)Traditional methods are decades out of date.  So thanks for backing our vision and our reality. Take advantage of the Owner’s Bonus shares program: Once you purchase the Owner’s Bonus, you will earn a bonus for any shares you purchase in participating campaigns. For example, if you buy 100 shares at $1 per share in a company, you will receive 10 bonus shares, meaning you’ll hold 110 shares for $100.

–The Madco3d Team 

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Architizer A+ Award Finalists!

Vote for Kushner Studios' project

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