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reserve your 3d-printed home

You can live in a 3d printed home this year


We know that the majority of people have seen and heard about the amazing breakthrough technology changing the way homes are made forever—3d printing. The news has been showing examples for years and the excitement is palpable. Why? It’s because old ways of building homes are slow, costly both in financial terms and costly to the environment. It creates a lot of waste and typically uses materials that are not sustainable. We use CO2-friendly materials and methods.


Madco3d can print a sustainable, beautiful, customizable home for you in 2022 (we have a limited quantity available during 2022, so first-come, first-served). There are a few other guidelines for now: we’re focused on the region between New York and Maine as we are based in the Northeast, but are actively talking with people interested in developments in other regions.

Also, we can print, ship and have your home assembled and finished for you by working with tradesmen in your region.


We’re not just tech gurus with robotic printers—we are architects, structural engineers, construction professionals, designers, experts in permitting and every aspect of creating real-world housing for people for over 30 years. We’ve been 3d printing for six years now, revving up to the moment for when we can offer real homes to people who care. About comfort. About beauty. About the environment.

3d printed homes


It’s a fairly simple process, really. Our in-house architect and president, Adam Kushner – — has designed two types of 3d-printed homes, pictured on the “Our Homes” page. Also featured are wonderful 3d-printed homes designed by Twente Additive Mfg.–The Fibonacci House; The Keiko and Sakura. We’re grateful to be working with such a visionary team. We 3d-print concrete using Twente’s extrusion robot.

The Austin House and the Canopy House each combine the best of two worlds of 3d-printed concrete—sand deposition and concrete extrusion with Twente. The houses pictured below feature 450 and 600 square feet of living space respectively.

But one of the many cool things about 3d printing is that it’s endlessly customizable. Need more space? A special shape or addition? That’s a simple matter for us, and one of the defining characteristics of 3d printing—customizing on the fly. Just upload your ideas here and we are happy to work with you on all the details and a quotation.

Or are you a developer seeking to plant your flag in the future with a 3d-printing housing project? Let us know, we speak your language and have the know-how to execute in the real world.

Reach us here or call 347-719-7554